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3 Easy steps to take back control of your energy consumption

It’s time for you to take back control, and here’s how…

We have worked to earn a high level of trust from our international and national partners and local customers. Time and again, our customers confirm their faith and reliability in our products and services. Powerhouse Solar & Batteries nurtures trusting customer relationships all over Australia, and here is how you can also experience the same.


Step 1: Get a free consultation

We do all the leg work

An expert in Powerhouse Solar & Batteries products and services creates a custom solar design and detailed solar proposal for your home, including an estimate of future savings. Let the excitement begin!

Step 2: Installation

Leave the heavy lifting to our trusted installers.

We work with local solar installation companies who are Powerhouse Solar & Batteries – certified and can make your solar dreams a reality. They’ll even handle all the permitting and paperwork.

Step 3: Activation

Get ready to flip the switch

Once all inspections are completed and the final connections are made to your local utility, it’s time to shine with solar energy savings from Powerhouse Solar & Batteries!


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